This morning, will present @IsraeliPM #Netanyahu with a small bust of Winston #Churchill, the only other foreign leader to address a #JointMeeting of Congress on three occasions.
  • speakerboehnerThis morning, will present @IsraeliPM #Netanyahu with a small bust of Winston #Churchill, the only other foreign leader to address a #JointMeeting of Congress on three occasions.

  • jlewis3197Netanyahu gave one of the best speeches I have ever heard from a foreign later on the Congressional floor kudos big kudos to him
  • panzy2Very proud of the prime minister Obama should listen to this man a true leader. Obama might come away with a pair . He's a naive fool.
  • mom_mom2Thankful to the ELECTED officials that went and listened respectfully to the leader of Israel .... God help us if the United States ever turns it back in this ally.. God speaks about it in the Bible. Some think it was politically motivated and it may have been... I don't know. But this world is truly in dire need of some leaders they will come together and stop this evil cancer that is spreading all over the world...very quickly. I respect you for asking him to come.
  • sisquocgatheringplaceProud to hear our friend PM Netanyahu speak against evil. Not only does this evil threaten Israel but the world.
  • sheerconceptsWow! A beautiful gesture and compliment to Netanyahu! Thank you!
  • s889923Giving gifts to warmongers the entire Middle East hates who do nothing but kill children and whine about it will literally get you nowhere
  • tamaralhoward💙🇺🇸🔯❤️
  • wisaacs1977This goverment is well known for not keeping its commitments and it gets blamed on the white man. Fyi
  • wisaacs1977@23ssmagnolia hiding behind human shields will not stop God from killing you either.
  • s889923@wisaacs1977 is that a death threat? Well done on that one
  • wisaacs1977@23ssmagnolia if you want take it that way and think that I am God, that is your interpretation, tyvm. And I actually support the idea of Islam being blessed by God, but some people who claim to be Islamic just want the reputation without doing what is required as with any other religion.
  • s889923@wisaacs1977 arguing for children to not be shot by snipers makes you Islamic now? You're an idiot
  • wisaacs1977@23ssmagnolia did I ever say I was Islamic? No, I did not. I am agnostic eclectic with a focus on qaballism and the torah. You should quit deflecting. I am the jack of all trades, look at my ASVAB scores.
  • wisaacs1977@23ssmagnolia you are acting like you have narcissistic personality disorder by twisting my words around and deflecting.
  • s889923@wisaacs1977 you're not worth arguing with, I just feel bad for you. Good luck studying an ancient book that tells people not to wear mixed fiber clothing LOL
  • wisaacs1977My last name is Hebrew for laughter and you know you can't win for losing. I know the torah was passed down through oral tradition and some of it is Daath, just like the Koran has been twisted as well.
  • dbwheeler45The bust of Churchill was the most appropriate gift!! As Bill Whittle said recently, it is Netanyahu that is the true leader of the Western world. The emasculated, weak hollow 'men' like barry sotero are little boys compared to Israel's authentic representative of courage and intelligence!
  • dbwheeler45PS...Congressman Boehner, please show that same courage in dealing with illegal immigration! Congress is our only hope in protecting us from tyranny and lawlessness. The current regime is unconscionable and remorseless. Help America, please?
  • dkb148001So far, the only thing the Speaker has done right, was to invite Bibi to address Congress. I was impressed! Then he went right back to his former position...obama's footstool!!! We're screwed!!!
  • s889923You suck and should be tried for treason, how much Israeli money went into your new house?
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