• jen_kishMy favourite days r the ones when my girl comes & visits me ❤️ #reunited

  • thomsonjayBest photo!
  • thomsonjayMiss u both so much
  • jen_kish@thomsonjay we cant wait until u and dee come in april!!! The big reunion!
  • partridge_11@buenaflower14
  • salvadortudela9What a fucking clichet! Why do you have to be a lesbian just because you play rugby?
  • jen_kish@salvadortudela9 funniest thing i read tonight 👌
  • salvadortudela9I'm just kidding ahah I knew it was the only way to get your attention. Just passed by to tell you that I really admire you and wish you all the success in Rio! I know you probably don't know this but you have a few fans here in Portugal. Keep up the good work, I will always be cheering up for you, you're awesome!!
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