• scott.londonI'm back from a shoot in Arizona's Painted Desert with @rachelbowditch and her performance group Vessel. It's part of a piece we're doing for the Mesa Arts Center that combines photography, costume design, and performance art. Photoshoots in the desert are always iffy, especially when they involve a half dozen people, travel, permits and other logistical challenges—to say nothing of the fact that we were shooting in the high desert in the dead of winter when it can get mighty cold and windy. But somehow it all came together just right. We even got lucky with the light, especially around sunset, when everything seemed bathed in golden hues

  • ellen_beckettPerfect! This is such a good shot!
  • ninoshowHoly wow
  • __wobs__Awesome @scott.london. Looks like you brought some playa inspiration with you. And maybe some it's magic.
  • softailstitches@duchessnatalia Look how cool this image is!
  • duchessnataliaThat's so fantastic @softailstitches!!!
  • scott.londonThanks @ellen_beckett. Couldn't have done it without you
  • scott.london@wobsarazzi much appreciated. Yes, as with so many projects, this one was seeded on the playa
  • sonjatoneSo surreal!
  • stretchyboyWow
  • imalilcupcake@shanapfr
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