More Net Worth details...... #Rachet
  • tyreseMore Net Worth details...... #Rachet

  • vonfranklinI got beach front property I wanna sale you in Idaho. @tyrese
  • vonfranklinThe story sounds made up its not like you some new kid on the block you been out since the 90's so unless the chick was like 20 she knew who you where and that your money was longer then hers.
  • hon.fitzthomasI've suffered at the hands of gold diggers, so I understand the frustration.. but I've also looked up lots of peoples net worth myself, purely out of interest. I don't see anything wrong with being curious for plenty of legit reasons... Her reasons however are probably selfish ones, but not necessarily.
  • lscales02Hoes or housewife? Know better do better! Lesson learned..good luck!
  • cindyveesJust read about this today...I've never been even close to a millionaire let alone what you are worth, whatever that is... but I would imagine it's hard to trust people and their motives @tyrese. Thing is it's not even about that.. what's really important can't be counted or googled, like heart, class, integrity, or character. That's what outta matter to people. Best to you and better luck next Valentine's day.
  • sabbaa_ranksU made a meme about this? Just don't text her and leave it alone.
  • bossladietno1I really don't see what the big deal was... She could have just been googling you and happen to pull your net... Women are not stupid hell we know you're worth some millions. That could have been your wife & you're blowing this all out of context. Really!!! Calm down dude. I know If I could I would google everything about my date but lucky me I can just sense it. I've been married to my husband for 17 years next month. Seriously Tyrese she already know you have coins.
  • im_willowpapeI would still love you even if your networth was a cardboard box @tyrese
  • toiboys3Wow. Not cool.
  • nextlevelinlifeIt doesn't matter how much money a person has. Something's aren't worth it no matter the figure. 👌
  • j0hnnyk1ngsShout out to Tyrese for showing us what many of these 21st century females be like with they golddigging ass. @_hervelevrai did u see this
  • noneyob15OK bad date. However, a good man does not feel the need to blow this up.Take a deep breath and let it go. She ruened a date with you and I'm sure she embarrassed herself. You can do better than this. You should take this down ......people will figure out who this is in time and you have no right to do that to her... :-) I'm just telling what you need to hear
  • toni_montana13@noneyob15 ..@tyrese has no right to do it to her but she has the right to weight him out right????? Pls .... She deserves every humiliation she gets..... Others would learn from her ratchet ass errors #haha
  • toni_montana13@duchessn1ta .... Did u hear bout this though😱😂😂😂 #RatchetBitchesThough #haha
  • jamiecatino@jessie_bishop @heatheralli
  • jamiecatino@jessie_bishop #classyratchetthot
  • aarontpap@kash_monayyy @kingjames life changing
  • kieshalatoyaThis is so sad. People like her make it look bad for woman like me. #ratchetandinfulleffect
  • hollyang_36A woman like that does not have morals or respect for a man!!! Money can't buy you love and it sure can't buy you happiness!!! The Love is more worth than anything else in this world!!!!!
  • kenzattafrazzz1Big bruh is she was WronG‼️😡 and she got problems wit the devil, because God show you she was ugglay lol 😂😂 no doubt..1‼️
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