Thank you to my awesome team at work for putting on an unforgettable baby shower for Jill and me!  #babydilly #19kids #firstbabyshowerexperience
  • derickdillardThank you to my awesome team at work for putting on an unforgettable baby shower for Jill and me! #babydilly #19kids #firstbabyshowerexperience

  • alyssejacobs@_anna_joi_ I don't torment innocent animals, so I don't think I am the one with a problem.
  • annalieseproper@alyssejacobs everyone is saying u have a problem so i think u do! the baby didnt do anything so y should the baby get punished!
  • alyssejacobs@_anna_joi_ And a lot of people say vaccinations are unhealthy, but does that mean they are correct? And because I don't care about the baby.
  • annalieseproperwell then u r heartless @alyssejacobs u should care about a baby! u got a major problem
  • alyssejacobs@_anna_joi_ Nah, like I said, I'm good.
  • annalieseproperthat was stupid @alyssejacobs
  • jamaica_lemonsCan you show them
  • tori.27* Jill and I
  • hollie_2019_No it's actually Jill and me...
  • it is what @hollie_is_an_ostrich said because if u take off jill u would read it "thank u for putting on a nice baby shower for me" not "thanks for putting on a nice baby shower for i it makes more sence @tori.27 just take off the first word and read the sentence without it
  • chucha2003Aww I love your show
  • hannah_hockey19It's Jill and I but does it really matter @hollie_is_an_ostrich
  • hollie_2019_No, if you took Jill off you wouldn't say "Thank you for throwing a baby shower for I" you'd say me @hannah_hockey19
  • hannah_hockey19Yes you'd say me if Jill's name wasn't there but, if Jill's name is there you'd say I. @hollie_is_an_ostrich
  • lelu1016Regarding the grammar comments, if anyone is interested in learning about using me or I: Derick said it correctly. It is "Jill and me." I thought it would be "and I" for years and then I worked at a news station and learned otherwise. All you have to do is drop the first name and see if the sentence still sounds correct. "Thank you for throwing a shower for [Jill and] me." "Thank you for throwing a shower for me." You would use "I" like this, "Jill and I are having a party." Not, "Jill and me." Even though you would have to change the word "are" to "am" it would be, "I am having a party" if you dropped the first name.
  • nikki.627CONGRATS
  • nay_on.fleekI record all of yall show
  • kimberlybvargasAwesome
  • mckenzie_.armstrong❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • poojapatnaik63Jill plzzzz ask ur dad to adopt me into his family I would really lv to b ur sibling I love to b a prt of big family
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