• megmo7Being snowed in ain't so bad when you receive a message from @angelcompetitionbikinis about becoming a sponsored athlete.
    So incredibly blessed and filled with joy to be a part of both @slapnutrition and now @angelcompetitionbikinis 💜💎 My suit shown above (from Ravish Sands) actually broke and popped right off of my boob before finals of my last show #nipslip and to be honest, I just couldn't justify spending the money for a new one quite yet. I feel so lucky to have this opportunity. 💕
    Thank you @angelcompetitionbikinis and @slapnutrition for supporting one of my passions and allowing me to continue to thrive and stay hungry 👊
    Now, if only I could decide on a color from the 7 bazillion fabric colors on their website...wanna help a sista out?! 😳

  • marisaapriceAhhhhhhh!!!!! Yeesssssss ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
  • laurenbondiCongrats girl!!☺️ deep purple has my vote👌
  • irismarie.24Aaahhhhhh so excitedfor you sweet friend!!! 👍💃👙
  • freck713Congrats!!! So happy for you!!! And yes, picking a color is soooo hard!!
  • cajungirlinmarylandCongrats ... I think you would look great in purple!
  • yaara_l123@megmo7 congrats girlie!!! You totally deserve it. Expect a text from me this weekend. Sorry I've been MIA. Love you💖💖💖
  • jaynersloYaaay! Massive congrats you gorgeous gal! Xxx
  • oatmealandpbAHHH congrats girl that's amazing!!💙💙
  • be.happyhealthyfitOOOOOOOOHHHH BABY!!!!!! so happyforyou😍😍😍😍😍
  • megmo7@cajungirlinmaryland thank you so much!
  • megmo7@queenofcashews thank you SO MUCH!!!
  • megmo7@lizadina I think you told me that! So disappointing isn't it?!
  • megmo7@lizadina and thank you lovely friend
  • sdverisGo for a purple!!! 💃😍
  • lizadinaOh yeah, full on freak out
  • ashleykat45Congrats girl!! I like the purples! I think you'd rock any shade. 💜
  • newleaf_fitnessYayyyyyy congrats!!!!!!! So exciting!
  • keepcalmitsrachelThe aqua 🙌
  • eatandgetfitThe light violet purple💜
  • cuellm34The medium purple! Second from top on the left.
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