Introducing Leo Ezra Egan. 
Overwhelmed with love. #bebrave
  • robbyeganIntroducing Leo Ezra Egan.
    Overwhelmed with love. #bebrave

  • sarahlarsen07Love love love and tons of prayers being sent from mn - welcome baby Leo!!
  • dpnixonMade my day yesterday to see him. He looks like big bro Ollie.
  • brittneypataneSending our love and prayers.
  • janhudsonFrom Kathryn's Mom in Spokane - an extra measure of love and prayers being sent your way. Welcome to your wonderful family little Leo! May you all have strength, courage and everything else you stand in need of to get through these long days as you hold tightly to one and other in love!
  • lizziehdavisSo sweet. Thinking & praying for Leo!
  • julianixonHe is a fighter! Love him and you guys!
  • jgwhitingSo precious and miraculous to see that tiny hand on dad's finger. He's surrounded with love and strength. Congratulations and blessings to all.
  • melanieolsen1Sweet baby Leo, sending lots of love and prayers to you all!
  • marymarthacWow. Praying for your sweet Leo and for you and momma too
  • hello_aliciajWe love y'all. Hang in there.
  • piperbknyWelcome beautiful Leo. We love you guys.
  • littlecraneheadbandsthis picture 😭 what a killer! cute tiny Leo! love you all! praying for you @kelseynixon. we won't stop!
  • klarissatWe love you Leo and your beautiful family. Praying and sending our love from SF!
  • narratingthebeautyPrayers for you all!
  • andrewgarlockyou guys are so strong and such an example. you're in our thoughts and prayers, for realzies. we love you.
  • lexiinny❤️❤️❤️
  • nylakamI pray for u every day
  • shalee216@lucywick
  • lucywickAwe @shalee216
  • shanfoxPlease know that my heart is heavy for you and Kelsey. I pray that the peace of God overwhelms you during this tragic time. May His hope surprise you in ways you didn't think possible.
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