Wasn't expecting to get these bad boys today, but I'll take 'em! One step closer to house! #twomoresleeps
  • kate_bairdWasn't expecting to get these bad boys today, but I'll take 'em! One step closer to house! #twomoresleeps

  • lucyophotoYay!!
  • samanthabrookephotoHooray where are y'all moving?!
  • kate_baird@lucyophoto 😊 we're so excited!
  • kate_baird@samanthabrookephoto just like 5 min from where we live now in NoVA. We've been living with my parents for a year and a half, we're finally leaving the nest! Haha 😊
  • sweetmadystudioHow exciting! I'm born and raised in NoVA.
  • shammmersSo exciting!!
  • shayla_lafreniereWoohoo can't wait to see it!
  • samanthabrookephotoLol we've been living with parents since August so I KNOW that feeling 😁 so in Loudoun? We are still debating areas since old town has such low inventory and is super inconvenient to my job
  • stephanie_hellwigYay! So exciting! Congratulations
  • kate_baird@shammmers 😁👍
  • kate_baird@shaylalagrace yes! You'll have to come over as soon as we finish painting and acquire somewhere to sit! Haha 😊
  • kate_baird@fivelittleladies thanks Stephanie!
  • kate_baird@samanthabrookephoto nice! Yep, still Eastern Loudoun- same zip and everything 😊 Commuting can be such a bummer! How far do you have to go?
  • samanthabrookephotoI love Loudoun ... My office is in Tysons and the hubs is in DC 😞 so metro is a must. I stalk Redfin obsessively. I wish Reston had newer/better looking stuff because that would be a good compromise for both of us (well more me than him but still metro accessible!). If we wind up in the same neck of the woods we must meet up!
  • kate_baird@samanthabookephoto Yeah, I'd love that! Learning all the neighborhoods can be so overwhelming... are you guys working with an agent? My mom is a realtor so she steered us through that process, and set us up with an automated search which I was glued to for like 9 months haha, so I can totally relate. She could absolutely do that for you too, let me know and I can hook you guys up 😊
  • kate_baird@sweet.mady.studio me too, that's awesome!
  • sweetmadystudioWe are in Western loudoun :)
  • kate_baird@sweet.mady.studio it's so pretty out there! I'm hoping to hit up a winery out that way this weekend! 👍
  • sweetmadystudioOh there are tons! We are technically in Waterford. You should go to Lucketts Antiques as well.
  • kate_baird@sweet.mady.studio Waterford is so cool! And I love Lucketts- good idea!
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