Here is the cease and desist from Katy perry's lawyers.. Note that I never mentioned her name or implied that i got permission to make this.. #leftshark #rightshark #3dprint
  • mstyle183Here is the cease and desist from Katy perry's lawyers.. Note that I never mentioned her name or implied that i got permission to make this.. #leftshark #rightshark #3dprint

  • mstyle183@broseph__stalin_ thanks my lawyer is responding soon
  • agent.of.fortuneGood. This just looks like a desperate attempt to fear monger. Happy to see you fight back
  • ohheyanastasiaThat is ridiculous!!!!
  • hellointerloperI dunno but I don't think "Katy Perry" and "intellectual" are two words that ever belong together.
  • thereallelandYa right... ask them to show you a copyright! My ass they copyrighted the entire set and props... BS
  • 2brianFight this. They don't own copyright. Idiot lawyers!
  • mstyle183@the_art_network check this out
  • tyrsmogur716Evidently Katy Perry's lawyers think they have the exclusive rights to images of sharks. How very entitled of them.
  • scottyfill@2___blessed Perry is peanut butter and jealous
  • mstyle183@extratv @tmz_tv @entertainmenttonight @theinsider @insideedition
  • kaijupunk@dbreuk
  • hellointerloper@themouse22 Really? More intellect? Prove it, because all I see is some lonely turd with the hots for Perry.
  • mstyle183@themouse22 @hellointerloper oh wow .. Didn't notice that troll commenting on my page.. Katy Perry has yet to prove copyright.. And my two lawyers agree with me.. We will see who will win this in a couple of weeks..
  • katyperry_was_here@mstyke183 Your lawyers agree because that's what they get paid to do, if you win or lose, they'll win anyway. What do you think can happen happen if you win that one instance, now the character of 'left shark' is official merchandise? They may drop you and let you hand paint your tea mugs in your spare time as much as you like, but they can also buy up your life and drop it in the trash can if they can be bothered wasting the time with it.
  • mstyle183@themouse22 actually that "official" merchandise is not so official.. It has no copyright and trademark has not been given.. I actually can oppose their trademark application because I was 1st to market with it.. Not only that but they violated my copyright when they used my copyrighted image on their trademark application.
  • mstyle183@themouse22 troll is now blocked.. You argue all day with me but don't attack my friends @hellointerloper
  • hellointerloperThis guy now tried my page. Honestly I think he legitimately has a condition now that I've browsed his photos... Being 50-something and wearing Katy Perry shirts isn't normal. Maybe Aspergers, I've known people with it who cling to certain figureheads/characters obsessively. Just going to block him because I feel kind of bad. 😕
  • mstyle183@hellointerloper yeah I noticed that.. Pretty weird guy.. Just block him.. Sorry he went to your page
  • hellointerloperNo prob, trolls are to be expected no matter what you talk or post about on the Internet. Just got to laugh it off and continue!
  • mstyle183left shark back on sale at
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