• samsmithworldLAY ME DOWN -

  • beatriz_210Lo amamos😭😭💕 @genesiscarvajal_
  • ericamarkesOh I love this song, your songs has so much meaning to me, thank you for write and sing them! ❤
  • hannah__crispThis song will have a lasting impression. On all gay, straight, bisexual people. Any people really. I am not gay and I am in love with this song in each and every way. @samsmithworld
  • king_catman194@somebaty33 ♥♥♥
  • bethym30_artBeautiful x
  • meloddy_23@awkwardchantie
  • s.paeseI'm honestly in love with this song now
  • s.paese💕💕💕💕 god bless Sam
  • atjve@sekarsari_g
  • nathanya_aldinezAgreed I think the same thing rights people ,Jesus there is no difference if you are gay or not we are people and we should be allowed to marry anyone we'd like men or women why do people have a problem with that Sam is a kind man and thinks the same thing that why he is my favorite artist and you people should be able to see that😉😜😡❤️❤️
  • angelinagreico@lucia.pena
  • amandab_16😍 totally agree with U
  • maibrreThere would be one day that your dream come true...just have hope and love. Is our best arm against hate
  • mountin_climbers_girlI love the song it's really sad thought and makes me think of my ex boyfriend and yeah but on the other hand pretty good song
  • accesscounsellingedmontonI am hoping for the day when the statement of anyone's gender, sexual identity or preferences will be replaced with, "Hi, I'm Colleen." "Hi Colleen, I'm Sam. " "Great to meet you Sam, would you like to share some tea with me? You look like an interesting person that I'd like to get to know a little better."
  • awesomeredithThis is such a great message for people who think being gay is wrong
  • edsheeranfan62What a beautiful song! I am so happy for all of you, that you may now get married here in the States. Love is love.
  • lauraneidichBeautiful! Love is love!❤️❤️
  • _alyssayung_i know i have seen this so many times but it still makes me cry. love you so much sam
  • berni_______🙏
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