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    🌟Today's design tip is about 'Kerning' & 'Moving' your element using finger.
    🌟Sometimes, text needs to be KERNED to make it look more natural or pleasing to the eyes.
    ‼️Our text editor is one of the most versatile editors out there, because you are able to select an individual character, to change its font, size or color. And not just that, you can also do kerning too!
    1⃣ In the example, you could see the numbers in '$169' looks weird (at least in designers' eyes..). The spacing between '1' and '6' is too wide compared to '6' and '9'.
    2⃣ Double tap the text box, select the '1' & press ➖ (minus) under Kern to bring '6' closer to '1'. Adjust '9' accordingly too if needed by highlighting the character before it.
    3⃣ Now you can see the $169 after kerning adjustment looks nicer than the one before.
    4⃣ Do you know you can move a text box around even if your finger is not directly on it?
    5⃣ As long as that text box is SELECTED, you can move it while your finger is on another area within the canvas that does not have other elements there (see the last part where I moved $169 text box, but my finger is at the bottom right) 😃
    Save your current work & continue to edit upon it anytime!
    Type text in many fonts,colors & sizes all in 1 TEXT BOX (you can add multiple text boxes if you want too).
    You can save your image in square size & a couple of pre-defined portrait & landscape sizes -- Great for making blogshop or facebook ads.
    View & access directly the elements you have added using LAYERS MENU. LOCK an element to keep it from moving around. MULTI-SELECT / SELECT ALL to move multiple elements around.
    Set your own wallpaper for the app's start-up screen!
    ♥️ Like our app? Kindly follow us for more app videos and images. Direct itunes link to 'Overlay Layout Ideas' app in our profile.

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  • overlayapp@attract_more_income hi there! Picture is actually from pixabay. It is a very very good resource for free images for personal and commercial use. We only do the 'designing' or 'layout' part using our app, by making nice positioning of and choice texts and shapes to spice up the image, so that the image has a specific purpose, such as a promotional ad in this case ^.^
  • overlayapp*positioning and choice of texts & shapes
  • overlayappTo put it simply, we add text (text boxes) and shapes (eg. Lines & the rectangle box) on top of a photo (in this case, the shoe), with a background color (in this case the bg color is white). Thanks!
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