#JBC 🙊🙊
  • jeremykennedy145#JBC 🙊🙊

  • mariopereira1989I ate two huge baguettes with butter yesterday. Sunday loaded up on chocolate I feel terrible so what I thought I would have a whole week of junk I ended in two days. Miss the starving feeling 😞
  • jeremykennedy145Haha man I was going to give myself a week as well but today's my last day of it. I feel like garbage and it's crazy how much it changes your energy levels.
  • njsamsonCongrats jerm!
  • kamren2121Congrats
  • madisonjloosBest be coming out Saturday son..
  • davekoffsGood for u buddy! Makes it all worth while haha
  • brunobccarvalhoOssss good bro enjoy 👊🙏
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