• frostickleOmg I'm so sick of this. It better be worth it in the end. 😤😤😤

  • frostickleHaving 3 text editors, terminal, browser, console AND google chat all up at the same time is pretty nice though. I don't know how people with small screens survive.
  • colorgraveNice.
  • insta_francI'll cheer for you Dave!!! Lol
  • jess_kryxCool, what's this?
  • frostickle@jess_kryx lol I'm working from home because I'm sick :( sick of working!!!! Also I have a cough.
  • frostickle@jess_kryx I'm making a website 😤 I'll show your when its done.....
  • jess_kryx@frostickle that's awesome! Send me the link when you're done Ide love to see it. Hope you get better soon
  • timothyduongoneNice grados! #ripgrado
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