Headed to Little Rock right now for the annual March for Life! Join us at our state Capitol at 2pm, and together let us take a stand for the life of the unborn. ❤️
  • jessaseewaldHeaded to Little Rock right now for the annual March for Life! Join us at our state Capitol at 2pm, and together let us take a stand for the life of the unborn. ❤️

  • prettyinpinkblanelove your posts Jessa
  • prettyinpinkblaneGod Bless you and your husband
  • pigwidgeon_emilyCan you talk to the liberals at my school please?
  • pigwidgeon_emily#prolife
  • kit.corcoran#prochoice
  • sydneymarieclifford@jessaseewald I can respect your choice to disagree with abortion. Motherhood is just that; a very personal CHOICE. When you try to take away other women's right to make that choice, thats where you're wrong. #ProChoice #ProFamily #Motherhood #IsAChoice #ReproductiveRights #WomensLib2k15
  • melissabrassDoesn't Arkansas have the death penalty though
  • chezsophIt's ok to personally don't support abortions for religious reasons, but to force their beliefs onto others is not. Besides, in the US political system, the state and church are separated. Thus we have the freedom of religion but that also includes freedom FROM religion.
  • queenguillotine116#prochoice
  • a.rose95Pro choice for the win!!!!
  • idk_ken#prochoice
  • ladyb_stephanie#prochoice
  • katcountrymanAbortion has never been about "choice"...It's about escaping the consequences of your choices by taking all choices away from another human being.
  • nooova_13If you care so much about lives how about you go out & adopt some children. Feed the homeless in soup kitchens, build them shelters, give more to your fellow neighbor than your church.
  • nooova_13How about, pro stay the fuck out of my business. Move along.
  • kamzz123@katcountryman nah. It's about women having the rights, and I'm sorry but my life is more important than a fetus.
  • katcountryman@k___dawn I agree its a right...but so is birth control, I'm sorry but I don't agree, its a baby,not a fetus and every life is important. Don't get me wrong, I am pro choice to a point...incest, rape...but if someone uses abortion as a form of birth control...its murder
  • kamzz123@katcountryman scientifically the "baby" is a fetus, since there is nothing humanistic about a mass of cells. It doesn't become anything but a mass of cells for a few weeks. If murdering a bunch a fertilized egg is murder, then ejaculation is murder too.
  • katcountryman@k___dawn Everything you said is correct...the fetus is a baby...the mass of fertilized cells is an embryo... But since Most woman don't even know they are pregnant until after their missed period, which by the way is usually 4 to 6 weeks after the embryo has turned into the fetus...its a baby, with a heartbeat, feeding from its mother...so like I said in my last comment, if you are using abortion as a form of birth control its murder...and if you can afford an abortion you can afford birth control. You have a right to your opinion as do I.
  • alexis.nicolee_I'm from Arkansas!!!❤️❤️❤️ I've been to littlerock before.
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