A rep of the clicker and a rep of this C9 dumbbell can go hand-in-hand—literally. Sneaking in a little workout during a binge session is the best thing ever. #OnlyAtTarget
  • targetA rep of the clicker and a rep of this C9 dumbbell can go hand-in-hand—literally. Sneaking in a little workout during a binge session is the best thing ever. #OnlyAtTarget

  • sally22gWas anyone else have issue with the cartwheel today? @target
  • s1ngfan#onlyattarget would i do something like that, because thats where I go to work out and binge shop and watch tv. the best way to get a good idea to get good stuff and get good luck sometimes isn't walmart but target.
  • target@em_dance_ We sure do have Valentine's Day items out. Our faves are in the dollar section. Check it out next time you're in store!
  • target@polly_positive
  • target@sally22g We haven't heard of any issues. Try logging out and back in again.
  • emilysebilia@target ok because I want to decorate early that year and I didn't want to go till its fully valentines
  • liliabrahamJajajajja nuestras pesas amarillas @pibemarrufo
  • pibemarrufoLas que use inutero jajajaja @liliabraham
  • dresslikegram@Alexl
  • hannah_saricTarget needs to gtfo of Canada.... it's just an expensive walmart with worse service.... legit wtf?..
  • linhtp_Target have the best game deal ever!!!
  • northoftheborderstyle@target are you closing all Canadian stores? What's the story here? Shouldn't your best selling stay open with the opportunity to grow into them? Your shelves are rarely ever stocked fully here please don't close them all. This was a great way to step away from walmart I hope for you to reconsider. You need to figure out the inventory and shipping within the country it is so different from the USA. I think this is a harsh and rational move without thinking it through fully. How can you open 133 stores at once and close them all at once. Please reconsider and keep some stores open. If you have less stores more people will go out of their way to travel to shop within the target community.
  • target@northoftheborderstyle All Target Canada stores are impacted. By the end of the wind-down period, all 133 of the Target Canada stores will be closed.
  • northoftheborderstyle@target why not just close 1/2 of your Canadian stores or down size? You have a loyal Canadian following actually it's such a shame. I feel too many stores opened all at once. Perhaps downsizing will give you more time to focus on how to make your few stores great and slowly expand from there. I really don't want you to close here.
  • xo_miss_amanda👏 @northoftheborderstyle well said but in the end they were greedy and too quick to open so many stores at once, they don't have half of the merch target USA carries I for one love target USA and was sooo excited then when I saw what was offered got turned off and never shopped there it's a damn shame
  • northoftheborderstyle@miss_mandy_xo very sad news I must say. So sad to see target go in canada. Their quality and selection is so much nicer than walmart. Really just such a shame. I do hope they keep a few select stores.
  • ryan_dick2021How ya doing? @target
  • serenity_studioThis
  • xt.ra89الو
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