For all the disgustingly misinformed. #JeSuisAhmed
  • humzuhFor all the disgustingly misinformed. #JeSuisAhmed

  • dilly_p13#facts
  • dilly_p13Some people are just narrow minded and can't distinguish the two. Dude don't let lesser minds get to you they're worth the air we breathe lol
  • humzuhMyy niggga, where were you when I was fighting off racist dogs on Twitter lol @dilanp95
  • dilly_p13Nigga i don't have a twitter but im sure you won.
  • dilly_p13Plus its a waste of time disputing against intelligences inferior to ours
  • humzuhLmaoo lowkey won, and lmfaooo ofccc *laughs maniacally*
  • humzuh@dilanp95
  • nokoreansSame thing hahajaha
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