• jackypostgrad#JeSuisCharlie Today is a national day of mourning in France, so I'm mourning here. It could have been any one of us on those streets, any one of us who dares to have a voice, an artistic form of expression, an opinion, a sense of style, a sense of humour. This is not normal. It is not okay, and it should not be accepted or brushed off as something that "happens all the time." This was the deadliest attack in postwar France and is not reflective of others who practice Islamic teachings. I mourn for not only my friends in France but also for peace. I mourn for the terrible deeds that are done by those who use religion as a cloak, and I mourn for those who are peaceful and now will be viewed cautiously because something they love so much has been tainted in the world's view by these extremists. Whether you are religious or not, whatever you do on this Earth and for whatever reason, malicious harm towards another human being serves you no celebration in the afterlife. Help make the world as beautiful and as cooperative as possible, and be good to each other. We all come from the same family tree. #onelove #CharlieHebdo #vivelaFrance #bleublancrouge ✌️❤️🇫🇷✏️

  • jackypostgrad#nofilter #noirsurnoirsurnoir
  • jackypostgradShout out to Betsy! Thanks @pwincessbets for the photo! ❤️
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