Tears of joy! When I think about all I have accomplished, all I can do is shake my head
  • neneleakesTears of joy! When I think about all I have accomplished, all I can do is shake my head

  • joyastateofmindFavor chile favor🙏
  • shanemsmith@sarahteh_ the caption is me
  • lvuriex@lizzio.o
  • _adore.kiahh_Go girl rock what u got I watch the show real housewives of Atlanta
  • 0peacealways41You deserve everything that God bless you with NENE. you work very hard. God is going to continue blessing you.
  • wumnassI love you so much
  • bubby8323👍👏
  • 914chickaI see all the positive comments about this negative acting, highfalutin,beyotch. Like I said...apparently yawl didn't see this bird @ the very beginning. Nene was the best..bitch got a raise and a few gigs and u can't tell her shit...You dont act sooo nasty and sooo rude and like your better than everyone. The only reason u wanna be bothered with Kim is bcuz u have a few pennies in your pocket. You can actually partake in shopping instead of looking on, while kim buys up every damn thing. so save all the sweet shit for someone who hasn't see her before the notoriety...
  • godivachoc4uKeep being thankful. ..
  • rolane27💕When you look back OVER your #LIFE!! I can See your Great-fullness!!! You haven't Seen Nothing YET!!! Mrs. Ne-Ne God Is going to take you HIGHER!! Happy Mothers Day!!!💕 @neneleakes
  • 1st_ladyvntge65You are an eagle.... Keep soaring........so proud of you...
  • nenesilverLook
  • nenesilverLook @devinadevine
  • ladybunny1I'm proud you!!!
  • ladybunny1You have come so far!!!!
  • mmlng826410I am so happy and very, very proud to you Ms. Nene! !!!! BRAVA!!!!!!
  • mz.pr3ttywilsonLove
  • purplegal94💜
  • amaloa81Es la unica foto donde se te nota la peluca ...eres espectacular super bien vestida armonica uff me encantas
  • zhoriesrebornYou deserve it....
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