• doronmatalon_officialלא שזה הפתיע אותי, אבל חבל שאי אפשר לשים את העוינות בצד , רק לשלושה שבועות שבהן יש לנו הזדמנות נדירה להכיר בנות מכל העולם (וגם מהמדינות השכנות) לשמוע על התרבויות השונות ולחוות את החוויה הזאת ביחד.
    It doesn't surprise me, but it still makes me sad. Too bad you can not put the hostility out of the game, only for three weeks of an experience of a lifetime that we can meet girls from around the world and also from the neighboring country. @salygreige_official @miss_israel @missunews @missuniverse @missuniversusa #lebanon #israel #missuniverse2014

  • kate.curtis.4@laila.isa 😢😪😪😂😂😂😰😰😰. Boo hooo hoooo. Israel 💪💪💪✌️✌️✌️👊👊👊👊💙💙💙
  • kanynou@doronmatalon You were an IDF soldier, how many lebanese and palestinian children have you killed? Shame for #missisrael
  • mike.safadi#Israel #Lebanon #Neighbors ;-) Go Miss Lebanon ;-)
  • rimahandous@dalilaamiri phynaaaaaa ela foi bonita !
  • yatejeffersontodas las mujeres del mundo son lo mejor ymas tienen el don de dar la vida y criar ..las amo a todas
  • vanne.v@gabyybag
  • gaby.gabbsDis the fake " photo bomb" lol @vanne.v
  • eriksson_mia@pivipia
  • pivipiaWhat happened? :D
  • pivipiaWhat happened? I dont get it? @eriksson_mia
  • moranlevine1@kanynou and if you are Muslim how many non Muslim have out killed in name of Allah? so the same with your question!
  • moranlevine1** have you
  • kanynou@mor2036 1st: the question doesn't even arise simply because I've never been in the military, 2nd: the fact that others kill isn't an excuse to do the same and finally those who are killing in the name of God are wrongly labelled muslims...
  • moranlevine1@kanynou @kanynou not all army people killing. The Israeli girls who are in the army are not doing the same as the Israeli boys. They are not going inside Gaza like the boys.
  • moranlevine1@kanynou why the Muslims who are killing non Muslims are calling Allah Akbar before they are attacking?
  • kanynou@mor2036 these muslims who are killing in the name of God are also killing muslims, see what Da'esh is doing in Lebanon. Hope there will be peace soon cause we are all tired of wars.
  • fatima_sahardid@haniallday
  • maharinawiMan ba ✋🔫😐 @leeyanm
  • sparklyxlouisWhen you will wake up on how many inhuman massacres "israel" does daily, that's when we will become good neighbors. Only when the *illegal* occupation ends. ✌️
  • yjjeepchickThey're all so pretty. It would be a beautiful world if everyone could be friends and accept our cultural differences. One day. Dreaming. One day.
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