Step one of today's cookie project is complete!
  • lynnlawandiStep one of today's cookie project is complete!

  • michellemlittleIs it a momofuku project?
  • lynnlawandi@michellemlittle yup! I'm trying the peanut butter cookie recipe but with nutella.
  • cjmshengI've had such disappointing results baking with Nutella. I don't think the flavor's intense enough. Hope this works better!
  • lynnlawandi@cjmsheng I'm hoping the hazelnut pieces help. I thought about added cocoa powder, but decided to try it with just nutella this time.
  • cjmsheng@whatsheshaving I usually stick to using Nutella as a filling or topping. Do you have a squeeze bottle?
  • lynnlawandiI've never seen a nutella squeeze bottle! Do they have them in Vermont? @cjmsheng
  • michellemlittle@whatsheshaving cool! Working my way slowly through it too. Verry slowly!
  • cjmsheng@whatsheshaving Nope, I did a bit of improvisation. You can get a food-safe squeeze bottle with a wide frosting tip from most kitchen stores. Then it's just a matter of warming and transferring the Nutella.
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