All the #vegan party food! Made the now-famous vegan cheese ball and it was DEVOURED IN MINUTES! #WhatVegansEat #VeganFood #VeganNewYears
  • tofumomAll the #vegan party food! Made the now-famous vegan cheese ball and it was DEVOURED IN MINUTES! #WhatVegansEat #VeganFood #VeganNewYears

  • emilylisaHoly moly-recipe posted somewhere? Looks so good!
  • tofumom@emilylisa I'll post link tomorrow!
  • somermccowan@tofumom my cheese ball! Looks excellent!
  • kitteekake@emilylisa just google somer's kick ace Cheeseball and you'll find it straight away. It's great!
  • tofumom@emilylisa yep! What they said ^^^
  • tofumom(I don't have the link bookmarked but I just Google "vegan raw cheese ball" and it's the first one that shows up. I make a few minor changes for my family's taste, but it's perfect as written!! )
  • jennaohaleIt's beautiful!!!
  • somermccowan@tofumom I've been meaning to tell you! You have a comment that you left on this recipe on my site about softening the cashews in the microwave. Obviously I understood you meant softening them in water, but some poor sap didn't get the water part and toasted the cashews to "soften them" after reading through the comments! Toasted cashews won't emulsify with the oil for some reason, so she ended up with a huge oily mess! 😱😂😱😂 I may go in and edit your comment to "soften them in water" so some other poor soul doesn't make the same mistake. It was however one of the funniest comments I had on my site in the last year!
  • tofumomOh yeah, I read where they did that. I should have clarified I softened them WITH water. The discussion around this one recipe is SO FUNNY!! I have to admit... "Can I substitute cranberries for the coconut oil? I don't use oil." "I changed all the ingredients and now I'm confused why it didn't turn out!" "I'm allergic to cashews, coconut oil, miso, vinegar, water, salt and mustard - what can I substitute?" The Internet is a hilarious place sometimes!
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