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  • beautyndfeastTaking my #coffee game up a notch with my new #Chemex pour over. Place w filter in cone shape over top, pour a little water alone first. Swoosh around and pour out water. Then add desired grounded coffee (I used #IrvingFarmCoffeeRoasters Yirgacheffee from Ethiopian--so good), and pour just a little hot water to allow coffee to bloom. After that filters through, add as much water as desired for your cup. This is like an art I'm still learning!! Thanks to @sulmantheawesome for the crash course and @ruckus917 for the awesome gift 😊

  • mayddaqis this what you were talking about yesterday? this looks so cool!
  • beautyndfeast@mayddaq yes this is it!! 😊
  • erumwI'm hooked to this... And the problem is now everything tastes gross after having fresh homemade coffee 😒
  • beautyndfeast@chemex
  • beautyndfeast@erumw I can see why! I rarely have my coffee straight up but this filters the bitterness
  • erumwYes! And it's tastes so fresh! This is definitely an awesome investment! Enjoy it!
  • bonanzacoffee😄
  • godspeed_vThat last J.Cole track is unbeatable 👌
  • beautyndfeast@godspeed_v good ear
  • ruwaidaazamLooks 👌👌👌
  • sulmantheawesome@beautyndfeast anytime! I have an incredible Konga single origin for you to try. It's been an amazing season in Ethiopia. 😬
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