December 12, 2014
A Humanist's Eye | Triptych 1/3

Cycles pervade the evolution of this planet. We move through them navigating the spaces, living through the changes as best we can. Today as my year closes and opens, I am thankful and optimistic at the same time.
However being on assignment with @benlowy @davidscottholloway @marvilacar does not stop my heart from beating the tune of the revolution, and so my first image on my born day is this. 
Twenty year old Robert  Scott strutted across the low grassy field and stopped to ask me if I was ok. I was meditating.
He introduced himself and told me he was one of the workers that refurbished the apartments at Shack Up Inn -- an offbeat southern style bed and breakfast spot with historical roots to the cotton industry. I asked Robert if her heard about Mike Brown and Eric Garner and he shared this,
"It's messed up but it's nothing new. It is something that has been going on since the beginning of time. It will never get better, it will only get worse. It has to play itself out. We as black people just need to prepare ourselves for anything. The police want to control us, if we object we are penalized and that's just where we are right now."
Today his crew were roofing and refurbishing more rooms on the property. #oggl_ig #blackportraiture #mississippiportrait #deltaportrait #makeportrait #makeportraits #streetportrait #streetphotography #sonyrx1
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