Not 100% done, but it's my favourite part of my room so far. :)
  • likeneonloveNot 100% done, but it's my favourite part of my room so far. :)

  • amourjnfr👌😍 in LOVE girl!!!
  • madelinelovesHow are you settling in to Melbourne??
  • amgoorie😍😍😍😍😍
  • likeneonlove@jenniferjnfr come visit me soon so we can plan with all my shiny toys! 😄😘
  • likeneonlove@madelineloves_ good, thanks! Just struggling to find jobs to apply to, but I think it's just a slow time of year. Having a lot of fun so far though!
  • likeneonlove@amgoorie I've wanted the Ikea Malm for so long. I'm so happy to finally have it in my life!
  • crischavesLove it! Btw, your shorts are totes Adidas/Farm, right? Farm is one of my favorite brands here in Brazil!
  • katdogsLove my Malm! Just be careful the bottom of the drawer doesn't start to sink in from the weight of the stuff inside. Mine has 😓
  • shafcfi think you are addicted to blush...
  • likeneonlove@crischaves yep, they are! Was it a Adidas and Farm collaboration? I've never heard of Farm. Will Google them. They must have nice stuff! Happy birthday for yesterday btw, darling! 😘
  • likeneonlove@katdogs oh no! Do you store heavy stuff in yours? Mine just has my makeup, which is all pretty light!
  • likeneonlove@shafcf omg I know. It's my one true weakness!
  • crischavesThanks :) yes, it was a colaboration, Farm is famous for their colorful fabrics, so they created some stuff for Adidas. Farm is very brazilian though, I guess this is their first project that goes abroad, so that's why you'd never heard of them.
  • katdogsYeah it started doing it when I had my makeup in there. I moved it out but the bottoms already warped now so I put all my skincare in there anyway
  • likeneonlove@katdogs you'd think skincare would be heavier! Hopefully mine will be okay. I've seen people store way more in their drawer than I have.
  • katdogsIt is heavier! But mine was already warped and I couldn't fix it so I didn't worry about what I put in it anymore. Hopefully yours doesn't do it.
  • peachlifeYessssss so organised and pretty, makes me happy!!
  • peachlifeI also like that I can see a glimpse of how the rest of your room is set up 😁and your sexy rig 😏
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