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  • judycyangSaturday afternoon tea with Sandy at Prince Tea House!

    Love, love, love the ambiance of the place! It's both luxurious and cozy, and smells so heavenly inside! I really wonder what they use as the scent.

    My first time there I had the geisha floral tea, which was very light in fragrance. This time, we tried the lavender oolong tea, which was rich in flavor! Really recommend it for those that like medium to stronger teas.

    Since I'm so indecisive I tried the trio combination ($6.75) and picked sesame pudding, fruit tart and green tea cake. The pudding used real sesame so was really rich, and not too sweet. Fresh fruits on crunchy tart? Yes please! Love the shell of the tart! The cream wasn't too sweet either. My favorite though was the green tea cake. They used matcha powder, and baked it so was crunchy and flavorful.

    Sandy got the green tea Mille cake which was layers and layers of soft crepe, cream and matcha powder, mmmm. It was really good!
    Last time I also tried the pâté A Choux which was crunchy croissant sandwiching 3 different ice cream flavors. Love the mix of texture! The waffle was pretty big, so even though we shared desserts, I was so full!

    Definitely recommend coming here for a nice afternoon tea (they also serve sandwiches and appetizers, which I haven't tried cuz my sweet tooth got the best of me)! I'll be back with other friends to try different desserts :) hope they add more to their menu!

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  • judycyang@crisis1986 thanks for your encouraging words :)
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