Birdy getting to know Jerry the Bear. #diabetes
  • sixuntilmeBirdy getting to know Jerry the Bear. #diabetes

  • p_dubya82Wow! She's gotten so big.
  • wdwgirlf1She's so pretty! And soooo big.
  • hillarybauerWhat do you think of Jerry??
  • nukiefdBeautiful just like her mom.
  • sixuntilmeShe think Jerry is super cool and has been playing with him all afternoon. :)
  • type1trigirlPlease tell me she meeting Jerry for the heck of it...not because she has joined the ranks of the medically challenged. :/
  • sixuntilmeBirdy does not have diabetes, but Jerry is helping her learn about my diabetes.
  • allana_fishWhere can you get jerry? My children would love him!
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