• beeradercomMikkeller 40 Smaragd (Tap) at Kulminator.. Brewed by Mikkeller in De Proef Brouwerij in Belgium for the 40th anniversary of Kulminator beer bar in Antwerp. The moment you enter Kulminator life slows down. Find a place to sit, open your favorite book (preferably beer related) and wait for Leen to arrive. Don’t rush.. this is not the place for it.. enjoy the moment. Definitely one of my favorite places. (maybe the second after home). Coming back to the beer.. According to their facebook page Dirk Van Dyck of Kulminator defined the perfect beer on his mind and Mikkel delivered it for them. Smaragd is Dutch for Emerald stone. Actually considering the 40th year anniversary it should be named as Ruby-Robijn instead (..who knows maybe Antwerpen traditions are different..) As Dirk and Leen are the masters of aging beer they wanted a barleywine that can stand solid against time. Dirk (which is also a wine guru) decided to age the beer for 2 years in his favourite Chateau d’Yquem barrels from Sauternes region in France. A wine that can age for centuries. Total production for the beer is 1600 bottles+30 casks. 37.5cl bottle is being sold for 22 euros. Tasting Notes: Copper tone with golden hue around the edges.. Off white half finger head dissipating quickly leaving soapy lacing. Tasting and nose is along the same lines. Oxidation qualities reminiscing of port/sherry, some fruitiness (pineapple, apricot, dates, dark fruits), mollasses, honey, apple pie. 17% ABV is well hidden but still present and hangs on your palate after finish..With bit of aging can be much smoother. Full body, creamy texture, low carb. Well balanced it doesn’t stick on your palate as most barleywines or malt forward beers do. An epic sipper which picture the Kulminator spirit in liquid form. Congrats for the 40th years ! Looking forward to the golden jubilee ! #beer #bira #bier #birra #cerveza #beerader #beerglass #craftbeer #beeroftheday #gununbirasi #yum #recommendit #drink #foodporn #beergeek #beernerd #beerporn #beerlove #food #foodporn #instabeer #beerstagram #beertography #ratebeer #beeradvocate #beerstagram #thebeernation #untappd #drinkingcraft #kulminator

  • johnnypaperThis sounds amazing! :O
  • beeradercom@johnnypaper tastes amazing too ;)
  • biraatolyesiDünyanın en iyi beyaz şarap fıçılarında dinlenmiş mikkeller yapımı özel bira! 😳😳 bu fıçılarda yıllanmış viski içmiştim, bu birayı çok merak ettim.. Hikaye, anlatım notlar..😳😳👏👏🍻🍻 kulminator'un kapısında 1 saat bekleyip açılmasını göremeden ve bir bira içemeden dönen biri olarak; üstat yine kıskandırdın yawf.. 😉
  • beeradercom@biraatolyesi Ustadim yorumlarina saglik. Bir dahaki sefere birlikte gideriz sikinti yok. Dirk reis zulaya yeterince atmistir zaten. Uzun yillar tadilir bu bira ;)
  • chickswithwickssWhat a great glass! 🍻
  • beeradercom@chickswithwickss Danish people are always good at minimalist design :)
  • thiagorezsilCheers!!!
  • olsenmanI love Kulminator. I had a Affligem from 1974, the year I was born. Where else can you do that?
  • beeradercom@olsenman so true ! It can't be compared to any beer pub in the world
  • kikopuyuWill visit as soon as possible
  • beeradercom@kikopuyu Belgium visits are never complete without Kulminator 😄
  • kikopuyuRoger. Wilco.
  • strangesttribebandLooks so good!
  • ramsheadbreweryNice pic!
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