As Mark Twain once said - "Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated". Thank you to all the staff at the #RBWH 🚑 #depression #anxiety #overdose
  • benfrombrisbaneAs Mark Twain once said - "Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated". Thank you to all the staff at the #RBWH 🚑 #depression #anxiety #overdose

  • jesshiicaaaBen! You are an amazing person, please stay strong and know that we all love you. 😘😘
  • lulu010105Such a breath of fresh air you are Ben. You are loved by so many but I know those demons can cast their fog to hide all that is good and happy. You rose above it and I'm so glad you did. 💜💛💚 🌠
  • sineadmaryroseLove you Ben! xxxxx
  • pippa.woodsWhat happened?
  • hannahwhite_xstay strong ben I am forever thinking of you and your bravery hope you have a fantastic Christmas and an amazing new year xx stay strong buddy hope your getting better❤️
  • maddyylee_Everybody stop the shit you are all immature and just plain pathetic. This is actually so serious and if you are mean to be so called fans you need to stop. B E N ~ you are so lovely and strong don't listen to them they are just them people with no life's sitting behind a screen trying to cause trouble! I love you so much your are true and just I love! ❤️💗 stay strong 🙈💕 @benfrombrisbane
  • rhiannaleee@itssamfossil he didn't die!
  • aimeeblackmoreWhat happened
  • samikins___Ben you are amazing and don't ever let any one take that away from you 😊😍😘❤️❤️
  • emma.neveStay strong Ben ❤️ we are all here for you.
  • banksy_xoxoHey ben :) I know you won't get a chance to read this but I have just seen this post. Thinking of you mate, stay strong. You've got this. My parter has depression, pts, anxiety amoungst other things. Best thing I can suggest it surround yourself with positive energy and good people xxx and try and talk to the people who mean most to you xxx thoughts and prayers are with you, its a long battle but you'll come out the other end stronger than ever ♡
  • oliviarimacwhat ??? @hopeells who are you ??
  • hope.ellisNvm @oliviarimac
  • hope.ellisI don't like fighting
  • darcy_ollie_n_daisyIt happens to the best of us Ben I hope you have healed inside and out ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • alexanderson95@selene_watson
  • sethchristmas1Are you okay benyboy
  • nektaria_k_renfree@benfrombrisbane you are helping so many by sharing. I toosuffer from depression &anxiety. I also have multiple sclerosis. I met @timdormer the other week in melbourne & we had a lovely chat. So looking forward to meeting you one day (at the launch hopefully?!) xx
  • liativanisI love you💓
  • anniescottx@stephkrowlands
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