"Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good."
  • jessaseewald"Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good."

  • gowiththeflofroThank you and your family for setting such a Godly example!!
  • jenbrower744I highly doubt that rumor is true.
  • hannahsavannah48I don't believe that rumor. God bless.
  • sams_spam_gramIm just interested in knowing what evil she is talking about. Evil isn't a word that should be used lightly.
  • proudchapina@aine3372 it's funny how people like to say it's not true but they're married so it doesn't matter. It's funny these people are so far left it's not even funny. This family is so fake to me
  • star_lynn_mooreHow can you tell a married couple when where and how they should be intimate. They were alone and waited till marriage. That's God's way. Was it tacky and immature if indeed they did in the church, maybe. But sinful or sleezy? NO! It is terrible how brothers and sisters in Christ are so critical and judgemental of each other. Is that Christ's commandment of love? Every one who is telling them how to be Christian probably doesn't and didn't keep their life as pure as these kids have. So pharocitical. Telling people how they should live out their faith is not Christ's way. Get a life and go serve somebody in love instead of being in every one's business.
  • chelsmith18Jesus loves us and died for us.
  • cindygreg67The incite for many are bleak... Gloomy.. Jealousy is rotten to the bones and that is what many of you are that post such negative ,horrible things about this Beautiful family. The Duggars have a delete button just as you.
  • cindygreg67Go be proud some place else with your gay crap...You get it confused!!! Read your bible! People will except you being "gay" but God doesn't... You can't live your life pleasing people.... You need to live your life being a pleaser to God!
  • cindygreg67You put your own foot in your side rockabettiecharlie. ...
  • dcoco147God is who you need to be pleasing, not people. People can't save your soul but God can. People can't save you from eternal damnation but God can.
  • sweetiepie7899I highly doubt any rumors are true. People are just trying to make dirty something as beautiful as y'all waiting to kiss on your wedding day and waiting to have sex until you are married! I'm encourage by yall and I hope to live by your example! And ps people if they can wait to have sex with each other before getting married I'm use they waited until they were alone at home somewhere.
  • theyhtacRead the entire chapter 1 of Romans . Yes that's a book in the Bible. If you can't understand KJV try NKJV or NLT.
  • katie_arnassanReally needed to see this today. Thank you for being an inspiration in all walks of life. Xoxo Katie
  • angelaprettypinkBeautiful
  • iznethBby @ch0mp4
  • danielaladoncellaNeeded this
  • shainaforeverlovely@alex.calderon.353803
  • jesusgirl1998I never believed that rumor for a second
  • grandee2013Jessa I hope you read this comment. I learned this the hard way and I've passed this to my own children. You can't fight lies and rumors because for every one person you can make them see and believe the TRUTH there are ten more waiting in line to believe the lies and pass on the rumors. As long as you and God know the truth nothing else matters. Don't react to others who are trying to bring you down just know if they are talking bad about you then you are blessing others because their not bothering them. Be strong enough for someone else who may not be able to take what they are doing to you. With God you will be able to find peace.
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