• funcheaporfreeNot sure what you're up to on this fine Saturday, but we had an ultimately productive day around here!! Bunk beds assembled (thanks Dear! @bubbapage), kids' rooms rearranged, and I enlisted the help of my girl, and the best cook I know, Shandra from @dealstomeals to help me make 20 freezer meals with just $100 in groceries. TWENTY!!! (17 for a typical family of 4-5, my kids are pretty small). Have no fear, all the recipes are going up #ontheblog soon. Ps is it weird that Shandra and I are friends only because I stalked her blog and website for 1.5 years before I finally emailed her and forced our love to happen? 😬#HopeNot. Happy Saturday! #Nesting #BabyPageNo4

  • jessettallemanSo awesome! Sounds like such a productive Saturday!! Love it!! Can't wait to see the list of groceries and the meals.
  • dealstomealsThanks Jordan for a fun morning! So glad I could help you prep for your sweet new baby. Btw, you are the cutest prego lady ever!☺
  • ward_casa@stubbsrae, we need to check this out!
  • flutterby_33Need that blog entry, stat! Recently returned to work, working opposite shift of my husband and need to get our meal situation under control, ASAP! :/
  • makenziehawkOh yes! I can't wait til they are on your blog. I'm due in 4 weeks and freezer meals were my to-do next Saturday.
  • mari_dixon6Oh man. Can't wait for the post!!! Ps come nest at my house would you?!!!
  • jjhaag5Way to go!! Freezer meals are the best. I don't think it's weird how you became friends. I hear all the time that people became friends by following each other on blogs and Instagram. 😊💕
  • amycoralAmazing. You put me to shame!!
  • yoneeleyThat's awesome! Can't wait for the recipes! We need some freezer meals over here.
  • shalahanksYou are so baby ready with those meals prepared!
  • jordiemcjuicyIs it weird that I miss nesting? With my 9 week old I feel like it's a miracle if the dishes are done.
  • katiehigbeeSo you're not opposed to a forced friendship born from intense admiration and blog-stalking? Good to know, good to know!!! 😍
  • lianemateerCan you do a blog post about this? I have 6 months to go so there's no rush ;) x
  • megalitotinoCan't wait for those recipes!!!!
  • kcolsonPhew! How long did it take to prepare the recipes?? Your belly is cute =)
  • jenfmtxU look beautiful!!! I 2nd @lianemateer but I have 4 Mths to go 😉
  • courtneyhardy23Can't wait for all the info about this! I'm due in February and need to figure out freezer meals! 😁
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