Craving something sweet all day made me go right to making this cheat Apple strudel with peanutbutter in filo . It turned out healthy & yummy. 
Should serve 8, but maybe not today 😜
6 big filo pastry sheets
3 table spoons meltet butter
3 table spoons honey
150 grams peanutbutter
4 Apples 
Saute Apples in butter & set aside . Roll out filo sheets & brush each sheet with meltet butter & cinnamon. Blend 1 table spoon meltet butter, honey & peanutbutter. Coat the last sheet with peanutbutter mix and add apples & cinnamon.  Fold filo over so you at once cover the apples and roll like a cigar . Brush  all surfaces with butter and bake for  30 min .
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