My morning and my evening hike to #HollywoodSign then #LAZooLights where the sign made a cameo
  • ericgarcettiMy morning and my evening hike to #HollywoodSign then #LAZooLights where the sign made a cameo

  • quote.cutieshope you had a great time Mr. mayor! thank you for everything you do for our city 😊💓
  • im_pacBeautiful
  • scotia626You should be out policing the police
  • chentesrealmAGREE @scotia626
  • hellojadechangMayor Garcetti, are you aware that Beachwood residents are trying to block people on foot from accessing that same hike by installing a private security guard who is claiming that he was hired by your office? What can we do about this blatant attempt to impede access to public lands?
  • valleyofthedolls9A statement is critical.
  • valleyofthedolls9Nice hiking venture
  • anazilla56I took the same picture at the zoo this evening!!! Cool....
  • kelsduck@sadee7878 we should do the la zoo lights. free
  • redybabasaNice
  • therealalibeck@ericgarcetti Are there really reindeers at the zoo?🌲🌲⭐️⭐️
  • ericsmashes@raysgma la zoo lights
  • jeremiahcThat looks like the view from DERONDA!
  • jeremiahcA great way to get to the sign, is through BRONSON CANYON! A couple blocks east of Beachwood. There are bathrooms, plenty of parking, play areas for children, water fountains.. Much better then beachwood.
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