Is this wrong??? #TurkeyLeg #CatThanksgiving #EarnedIt #NotReally #SleptAllDay
  • hellohoopyIs this wrong??? #TurkeyLeg #CatThanksgiving #EarnedIt #NotReally #SleptAllDay

  • feralgardenerThis is the best photo of today. #winning
  • catsprideGreetings from Cat’s Pride! As huge fans of cats as well as social media we absolutely love the content you are producing. Great job! We are currently putting together a gallery for our Cat Matter’s blog featuring cats at Thanksgiving. With your permission we would like to feature this image, in this upcoming gallery. We will give you credit as the creator of the content and provide a source link to your original post within the Cat Matter’s gallery itself. If you agree to allow us to share your photo please respond with a confirmation. Please follow us @CatsPride and message us if you have any questions. Thank you for your enthusiasm as a cat owner and for sharing this great image with the world. Have a great day.
  • hellohoopy@catspride Gemini would be delighted to have her photo further shared across the interwebs! Thanks for taking a look! 😸
  • catsprideThank you! We are happy to welcome Gemini to the Cat's Pride family!
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