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  • benderfitnessSneak Peek from my Post-Run Recovery Stretch Routine. Great stretch for your shins and Hamstrings. Start in a lunge with your knee resting on the ground. Press the hips back and press your toes into the ground as you straighten your knee. Bend forward as far as you comfortably can, keeping the toes and hips pressing throughout the stretch. Remember when stretching you should never bounce. Go as far as you comfortably can. With practice your flexibility will increase. #shins #hamstrings #stretch #run #injuryprevention

  • thisisreallykaren@benderfitness Hey girl, I know you post your workouts on your blog but do you also do online coaching? I know someone who might be interested. Hint: It's me 🙋
  • hroggiaI need this, had a mostly downhill marathon on Saturday, and my legs are definitely feeling the DOMS today! Good job on your half, by the way!
  • benderfitness@k_hutch I am not doing any online coaching right now, but if I do I will let you know. :)
  • benderfitnessThank you @hroggia :) good job on the full!!!
  • npsoileau@benderfitness where did u get those leggings?
  • benderfitness@npsoileau They are from Target
  • npsoileauAwesome! Thank @benderfitness
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