California Sunshine Smoothie! 😊❤️☀️Yummy! 139 calories & 7grams of #fiber try it!  All organic:10 strawberries🍓 1orange 🍊 1/2 a medium banana 🍌 1cup of ice & water! 😊 This combination is also in my book #TheHollywoodTrainerWeightLossPlan as a protein shake, all you have to do is add 2 scoops of vanilla #WheyProtein 💪 my book also has over 80 healthy delicious easy to prepare recipes available on my website or just click the link in my bio. 😊❤️#HealthIsWealth #Nutrition #JeanetteJenkins #StrawberrySmoothie #HollywwodTrainerWeightLossPlan
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