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  • snoopdoggIt's over I'm bac on my cool shit no harm no foul. #ifitaintaboutthe💵💵💵much love @troubleman31t respect sorry bout that

  • jassim__01@trki_.s TIP ✌️✌️
  • almightykamsosa55Bitch for that @snoopdogg
  • ms.patty.r@vfade2130
  • autumnberlinxox@metromixes That was to illustrate a fucking point wise one. If you "dress white" or "speak white" that's not fucking "high jacking white culture" it's fckin clothing - meant to be worn. Proper fucking English - meant to be spoken & rap - an art form - meant to be preformed by who ever the fuck feels like they appreciate that art form !!!! It was to illustrate a point, you could swap hundreds of examples out. I know how it works inside and out, the history top to bottom, I'm going on my 5th year majoring in race & gender issues, lol NO ONE on here needs to tell me shit, I know the way it works. My point is, I was trying to make a point, not "be cute". I understand completely the position of where black people are coming from when they support snoop on this - the underlying ideal I see. The way he approached the situation tho - to completely attack a woman who was his FRIEND for absolutely NO reason - that's simply disgusting, racist, and a B I T C H move. & that's the part I can't and won't accept. Plain & simple, a grown man doesn't do that type of bs. Simple as that. So don't come at me when I see the point; I just do not agree with what he did.
  • autumnberlinxox@metromixes you fucking jack ass !!! You're missing the fucking point or choosing to miss it !!! That was his FRIEND - NO, for absolutely NOOO reason rappers DONT just come at their homie - there's always a reason or they aren't friends from the jump. Secondly, YOU don't be fucking cute, he CLEARLY did that because she's white. 💭Imagine if a big shot white guy country singer came hella sideways at a Black Country singer - who was his FRIEND - and fucking posted a piece of coal and his Black Country singer friend ....... YOU DONT FUCKING DO THAT SHIT, especially to a homie for NOTHING. NO - rappers DONT fucking go HELLA sideways and get racial with their fucking FRIENDS for literally NO REASON AT All. Yes, someone they don't know, yes, someone they aren't friends with anymore, but fuckin NO they do N O T do that just fucking because. What he did was fucking disgusting and I can't fucking see how anyone can say what he did was "okay".
  • autumnberlinxoxLol I'm done with this at this point; I really don't care to continue this. Good luck with your life, truly 👋😊
  • autumnberlinxox@metromixes Wow, that was just disgusting to read. You really showed me lmao. I truly did mean have a good one.. I don't know you, I'm finished taking my time to type long ass replies & it isn't personal. I was being sincere. But you keep perpetuating those stereotypes 😉✌️
  • lorrained0ll@ondreaaa it's about iggy
  • simplepleasure26@taystin_mygoals
  • redmanturcoDont do that Snoop ! You are the legend !! Fuck her !! Fuck all of them !!
  • bellawithcarmen@ayeyobee
  • _just_jolly_jen_@estelastarr @_ms_bel_
  • estelastarrLmfaoo @_just_jolly_jen_
  • infamousnbThis not the one but it reminds me of you too bc of the way you smile when you wrong (even tho that's not often) lol @mafiadb
  • dirtyladybug@colormefrankie
  • colormefrankie@dirtyladybug lmfaooo oh shit thats too funny (hairflip) hahaha
  • jasss.____That's the vid @theeeooo_xo haa
  • theeeooo_xo😂 @jasminefferguson
  • illestontheplanet#queeniggy
  • nic_tha_chic@tachibosslady dis don't look like JT to you? at alll?
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