Tomorrow... I unbox my T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4! #soexcited
  • wwjoshdewTomorrow... I unbox my T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4! #soexcited

  • tyler_tha_truthI'm trying to use this one plus one until next year October, then ima get a new phone because I'm off contract and can't afford any phone right now without a contract
  • joey_soloo@therealillmoney that's cool me too that $25 goes towards the taxes I'll be paying
  • brandon_saxby_@wwjoshdew ur awsome cant wait to see the galaxy note 4 unboxing
  • j_gent614Can't wait to see that
  • bumbay@wwjoshdew ahhhh!!!!! I am excited wooohhhh.make long
  • mchi5You guys so lucky! I'm on AT&T and pre-ordered at Best buy. Said Thurs or Friday :(
  • dbittner33I can't wait to see this video and the review I really like how long ur videos are I don't like short videos keep up the good work
  • colson002Can't wait to see the vid!
  • 00blackmanMy order ships on the 23rd :( freaking verizon.
  • mdtwnsk8rI got mine from AT&T!!! Well ordered but can't wait till I get it!!
  • wwjoshdew@00blackman that sucks! :(
  • wwjoshdew@dbittner33 I plan on making it less than 10 minutes so that it doesn't take as long to get it on YouTube! Then have a first impressions the next day! :)
  • dbittner33@wwjoshdew sweet I can't wait for that video to. Dude u just make awesome videos I go on ur channel literally everyday to see what's new
  • domdrew2k@wwjoshdew can't wait for the unboxing video and benchmarks :D
  • muzamalabadMe too waiting for my note 4 :D getting before 3PM :D yaaay
  • rstone3030ow
  • rstone3030how close is the note 4 to you now
  • ich3techWhat color you get @wwjoshdew
  • pierreccesarioI CANT WAIT FOR THE UNBOXING!
  • hberry93How did you get it before release date?
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