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  • brittneyyevettegrinerFirst let me say I'm ok!!!! But last night me and 3 my teammates got chase and attack by a man with a big ass knife got a little scratch and my teammates walk away unharmed! He chase us into our bus and had us corned yelling at us then he finally left! Ugh lets just say I'm ready to get out this city we are visiting! Life can be took at any moment! Cherish every moment! AGAIN IM OK! Thank you to everyone that has been checking on me!

  • devonkanisWow il still dunk on you tho stay safe
  • carla_barokasGlad you are ok. That is CRAZY!!
  • big_dee_325@skiba3 oh for sure I'm glad she is ok also but still the corned instead of cornered killed me...I needed that good laugh to start my day... stay up shorty
  • sachis_snapsreally sad that her English is so bad. but glad she's OK.
  • djleo_91Why it matter how she spell the shit you understand what she sayn its a instagram post not a midterm paper calm down she did graduate twice I'm sure she know how to form a correct sentence
  • itinerantcharlieI'm glad you're ok. And nothing too bad happened to you. You have terrible grammar though. Not trying to hate just stating the obvious.
  • rastachick01Smh glad you are ok
  • zombre_Good to hear your fine, fam. . .heal up, suit up nd deliverrrr 1❤ fammm✌
  • stay_littyogI am so glad ur ok, ur my idol and I love u!!
  • barbydoll.tiuGod protected yall. ‼️‼️soo hapoy yall are ok 🏀🏀
  • alew_2424@trudyfierce. Damn it's crazy ova there
  • iamasialogan@prettygiirlbam
  • auntiebushI js heard bout ur awful experience n I'm glad u n ur teammates r doing fine TG!
  • mlo313602Damn, I guess your dad's premonition came true! Glad you're ok
  • indigokissesGlad your okay.
  • joujackyI'm still support you even though you're in China.
  • yourshirleybaeOkie dokie artichokie
  • missdeebabyGlad to know you're okay @brittneygriner
  • sadbuttrue____@darryl_cheyenne 😂
  • sukisularmBe safe
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