After attempting to bend back.
  • unboxtherapyAfter attempting to bend back.

  • a.bayati_Fuck your videos @unboxtherapy
  • karthik_k.sCan u pls do video on iPad Air bend test similar to iphone 6plus just to check the strength of its casing @unboxtherapy
  • kevin_jt@davemcevoy yeah @unboxtherapy we need explanation of this
  • mikeysladiePlz read my dm
  • nicholas.alonzi@l0l_mistery006 @antoniocarlosfa10 shut up. You iSheep can't accept how shitty the iPhone is
  • corey_crushWhat you do is grap a pan, and put the phone on it with the glass side facing up, then the oven to 350° and after a couple minute take it out its should be back straight :) if not simply put it in for a but longer.
  • codgam3rrrIt's not the iphone is bad it's one of the best if not the best smartphone and nicest looking design with features and runs smoothly. The only problem is the bad material used for the casing which is very nice to the touch. Apple just has to reinforce the phone and everyone would calm down. But again the people who don't own the iphone 6 plus or iphone 6 or who have a different phone will take any chance they get to bash the iPhone
  • v007rAnd apple said they used sapphire glass for the screen...virtually unbreakable.... Yeah right😏
  • mamad_mhmdi@shahin_babachahi
  • v007rNot exactly sapphire glass but a composite of sapphire and glass which is supposed to withstand stress better than gorilla some research and you'll know better...with all the bendgate frenzy I did not expect the screen on iPhone 6/6plus will give in so easily... @MKBHD did an exclusive on sapphire screen used in iPhone 6 where in he showed how durable it was but bendgate has truly showed how not durable the screen is...
  • luke.mancuso@vrkool007 yeah but then Apple announced that they couldn't do that
  • luke.mancuso@vrkool007 it was too expensive and they didn't have the materials
  • gustimehaki@sabrangxsnape @robicp
  • gamenight717Oooooooooooo
  • jaysevillahStill want it tbh😭
  • cooliobumokay, I have a question. if it bends in my pocket(it did lol) will they replace it for free?
  • its.blaise.1234Good going
  • cooliobum@h.a.ziq I actually got mine replace for free yesterday 😁
  • shayan.razmyar@arman_ksh اینم ایفون سیکس
  • ryan_sealfonStill going
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