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  • johngarrettxblack Nova helmet 3D turntable video. The same Blender file I posted earlier, but here you can see the whole helmet model.

    I used the free "Sheep It" render farm to render this in Blender Cycles. I kept the samples low, so it's not as high quality as I would like.

    Seeing the video highlights some errors in the helmet, but when I get some time I'll go back and tidy this thing up.

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  • tempranodesignWould you be willing to send me the 3D file so I could 3D print it? Looks awesome!
  • johngarrettxHey man. I wouldn't mind sending you the file, however I'm not very proud of my modeling on this one. I've learned a bit since I made this, and I think you'd have to do significant work on it to get it to 3D print, but let me know if you want it and I'll shoot it over to you.
  • inquisitivejaneThat is epic
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