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  • dutchpilotgirl#aeroat3 #solo #flying #sun

  • way_74Hello:-) I saw your video on YouTube, the first flight. How much you worth learning and how much time it take?
  • dutchpilotgirlHey @way_74 ! 2 years. The price depends on the country. In The Netherlands: 150.000 euros, belgium: 85.000.
  • dutchpilotgirlTo become a commercial pilot with frozen atpl or private pilot @way_74 ?
  • way_74Private pilot. Commercial pilot stands 32000€
  • dutchpilotgirlHaha sounds good ;-)
  • way_74😊
  • marceldoliveHello Mascaralicious, Your movies are really amazing! I'm a singer-songwriter, and I'd like to use one of your videos as a musical clip with one of my songs: https://soundcloud.com/marceldolive/marcel-dolive-1-when-you-were-a-piece-of-storm If you like it, would you help me please? Thank you very very much for your time, and congratulations for your great movies! Marcel d'Olive @MarceldOlive
  • dutchpilotgirlHey @marceldolive which video? :)
  • ikbenzoblij@mascaralicioustv - Hey, you say that the price of a pilot course costs like 150,000 euros in Netherlands and 85,000 in Belgium... but........................ begrijp ik hieruit dat jij Nederlands bent?? #ikook
  • dutchpilotgirlDat klopt helemaal! :) @ischabijl
  • ikbenzoblijHahaha, wat een lol! High five landgenoot! ✋ @mascaralicioustv
  • marceldoliveWould you sell me the video "First Solo Flight Diamond 40 aircraft", keeping your rights of use and your credits? If you like this idea, please contact me at my twitter: @MarceldOlive Thank you, mascaralicioustv!
  • whatthekattThis is an amazing picture! :)
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