#Brewers drop series finale to the Giants. #MILvsSF
  • brewers#Brewers drop series finale to the Giants. #MILvsSF

  • matt_bairGiants are one of the worsts teams in baseball? You don't know baseball then @hayden_k27
  • hayden_k27I said at the moment kid. If you actually watched baseball then you'd know that the Giants were doing pretty bad before the series with the Brewers. That's what I meant @matt_bair
  • chadaradinski@gzy212 the brewers had a better record going into the series. Now, they are just blowing away their awesome start.
  • hayden_k27Calm your tits ya moron. I was talking about their record before the series with the giants. But maybe if you actually read my comment you'd know. And why the fuck are you on the brewers post if you don't even like them. @gzy212
  • marvymol👎Hopefully tomorrow doesn't just start a new month but a new beginning for the Brewers. Enough losing.
  • e_mmahamptonThey lost a really great game. That played hard and gave it all they got! 💟 @twitterlessschafer @c_gomez27 @brewers @elianherrera3
  • matt_bairYour stupid. The giants have won 6 in a row. We've won 7 of our last 10 and are only 2.5 games back of the dodgers. Get your facts straight bro @hayden_k27
  • nathan_zameckiLet's go giants!
  • nathan_zamecki#playoffbound
  • hayden_k27Like I already said before but you were too ignorant and butt hurt to see is that I said the Giants were playing bad baseball before the series with the Brewers started. Now obviously yes the Giants are playing well but that's not what I meant on the first comment I posted. And I still don't know why you're wasting your time on the brewers post if you don't even like them. @matt_bair
  • t.t.m.05Trade Ryan Braun for like Bryce Harper or Mike Trout. Because that ball That got hit to Braun was stupid u are a gold glover Braun what the hell. Do u need ur steroids or something.
  • hayden_k27Actually in baseball they call it the post season, not playoffs... Just sayin. @nathan_zamecki
  • tw_trojan72Go luuuuc I am your 1fan
  • zunk9Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucroy
  • joshwow_@hayden_k27 u sound mad that your team got swept. You guys didn't just lose 3 in a row u guys got rapes
  • joshwow_Raped
  • hayden_k27Thanks for the info because I totally didn't watch the games or anything like that. And no I'm not mad that my team lost its just annoying when people don't know what they're talking about. But have a nice day and a happy Labor Day to you @joshwow_
  • hayden_k27You are exactly correct about everything. Our pitching staff is weak, our hitting is very weak now, and I need to stop whining like you said. Thank you so much for giving me the gift of advice and for pointing me in the right direction. Have a fantastic day and a very happy Labor Day!! @gzy212
  • jacksnider_5Cards in first place 👅👍 @hayden_k27
  • hayden_k27Umm...ok that's great. I don't even know you and I don't care @__whammer__
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