Just getting back to civilization and gutted to find out about Joan Rivers- ; ( My thoughts go out to Mellisa and the family right now.
  • lancebassJust getting back to civilization and gutted to find out about Joan Rivers- ; ( My thoughts go out to Mellisa and the family right now.

  • maurice219Joan Rivers adopted me as her friend in 1966 when she was a rising star and aI was a 14-year-old Black kid from Queens. I have never known a more tender, generous and compassionate soul. Friends for nearly 50 years, she was always devoted and always spoke the truth. I'm sorry you, and the world doesn't know the real Joan. She is the light of my life!
  • johnnyalmonte34to be honest im not a big joan rivers fan but hope she gets fine and get back on track
  • wernickemichaelWir lieben Dich
  • swanky_selfies#Swanky_Selfies
  • aslihan.ka@swtsamiag true!
  • aslihan.ka#freepalestine
  • aslihan.kaAnd you guys think it's okay to wish someone death like she obviously wished for the palestinians?
  • aslihan.kaI hope she gets better [for the sake of god!], but i think it's still disgusting what she said about the palestinians #howsick
  • gypsielove14What is wrong with the right side of her face, it looks like she's having a TIA!
  • jaspiasingh@swtsamiag did she, well that's just sick
  • cutmeutiaaI hate that she offends a lot of people like she is only one right. And what she said about palestine is disgusting. I just hope when she is well, she will sorry for what she did.
  • aminaaboabdo@msbernimac wow is what she said about the Palestinians deserve to die... Her sickness is in gods hands but the killing was supported by Joan hersel
  • wiles77Hugs to Joan and her family and friends. Lance, great pic of you two :)
  • swtsamiagGuys re-read my comment before you judge me , I do not wish her or anyone ever Ill health. It's just ironic that a week or so after making disgusting comments wishing death onto innocent children and condoning a genocide of a complete people that she ends up hanging onto life herself. May the Lord heal her completely and may she be forgiven for her terrible words. I hope God gives her a second chance to find compassion and love and use her platform to spread THAT instead of hate and murder. I hope this is a lesson to all to LOVE one another instead of spewing Hate. We all laugh, cry, bleed and breathe the same.
  • lea_the_cupcake❤️
  • thatgirlthatgotyoustaringMay she rest in peace 💔
  • moses.viiRip
  • 98_smirkyTrue legendary.... Joan rivers be sadly missed
  • ben.humphreeythis show was epic
  • iamiggygHad no idea you were following me. Had I known I would have followed back.
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