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  • ericsturrockVideo of Mikhail Aleshin's horrible accident #IndyCar

  • alfpuma68Que impresionante accidente, ojalá que no este grabe
  • cbrad30@luketoukiedwards perfectly said! It gets frustrating from my perspective every time a wreck like this happens and a huge knee jerk reaction takes place from the sanctioning body and from viewers and reporters. People forget that racing is dangerous and that is what is supposed to be part of the thrill. As a fan, I love that dance on the edge thrill. Anyway I am glad Mikhail is awake and alert and they should NOT stop racing on ovals like Fontana.
  • rwh_1208@jteel42 @cj3247 @lindseymccrory777 holy shit
  • hnstreets@cbrad31 Also nicely said. As a corner worker who goes to Indycar and Sportscar events I've seen some bad stuff, I was at Houston for Dario's crash and people don't realize it belittles what these drivers do when they react to a crash so negatively and call for tons of needless changes. The sport has come far from the 50s and 60s when sadly guys died almost every weekend, but these drivers all know its still a possibility and race anyways. And for that they are hugely respected, as it should be
  • cristinmunleyWow! Thank you for sharing this video. Terrible wreck.
  • markped05I hate those accidents. Thank god everyone is ok (ish)
  • danielbara4@the_chronicles_of_zordan
  • josearmida@rerdev
  • snoopp22Going tomorrow to see Kimbell race 🙏
  • yavorzzzНевероятно , но няма пострадали .... Слава богу!
  • lwjcybil8Holy cow!
  • melissaj.wrightWOW! Amazing!
  • billmaskWe heard the news that the pilot is injured but will survive.
  • monroe200Mikhail Alohshit
  • will_allison@austinallison10
  • exdriver737@monroe200 shit was ur mom
  • 69_tw@_babysyd @kimmeisenhelder
  • ginetterz@gillierz
  • magaro.91@jfelix32
  • genison_kobeToo bad that the man who helped develop this project died in an accident ... Rip DW
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