• nextmodelsPhone or booth? @nextmodelsla launches an innovative men’s promo. #nextmodelslaselfiemoment

  • nextmodelsAutoportraiture, or the art of self portrait as it is better known, has been around for centuries. Despite the likes of Vincent van Gogh and Frida Kahlo enshrining the practice in the great traditions of fine art, the custom has suffered rather unfairly since the rise of social media in the age of the camera phone. Selfie! There, we proudly said it, and for good reason. We invited a selection of men at Next Models Los Angeles to each contribute a smartphone selfie, but also to step inside an old school instant photo booth. Apart from the invitation, the guys were given no direction or thematic briefing other than to simply be themselves and have fun. Boy did they ever! Front and back, each card crackles with tension between phone and booth, but whichever side you choose, it is Next Models Los Angeles through and through. Have a blast with these shots, we certainly did!
  • mrjlaLol is that Mimi? 😂
  • mickeycinderella13Wow! I actually read this whole msg and I'll never take a selfie the same!!!!! Honestly! I love this!! @nextmodels
  • dallonsgirlGenius! 💙🚀
  • amandan1co1eHa suave cjha is c
  • mimiyapor#nextlaselfiemoment
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