Today is my pal Dan Vickrey's b'day. The guy's just a fucking rock star.
  • countingcrowsToday is my pal Dan Vickrey's b'day. The guy's just a fucking rock star.

  • streetwise_angelThat guy gave me his set list in Tampa! You made my whole year! You guys are Amazing! ! Happy Birthday! !
  • clarksellsMe too! Happy bday Dan!!!
  • papichuloonbass#newdealband Congrats!!
  • tinabeareWahoo! Happy birthday Dan! Can't wait to rock with you guys again at Casino Rama!
  • moniesavHappy birthday Dan!
  • colinrichards_@keithprichards @lsugirl66 my boy!!!!!
  • wendtowossoHappy, happy birthday Dan! Cheers to many more!
  • wendywbatesYYR @that_weird_cajun
  • psychdesignHappy Birthday Dan!!!
  • jadeybells01Love you Dan! Detroit loves Counting Crows! @countingcrows 👏🎼🎤🎸
  • stefvanengenWe always have to stand stage right just to watch Dan dead-pan-rock
  • maierkenHappy birthday from Dave Maier's sister.
  • rachelboldmanHappy Birthday to you, Dan!!
  • cleomariaaDan, I am a HUGE fan from Minnesota and when I was 12 you threw me a guitar pick at the basilica block party. I've loved the counting crows since I was very little. That was so special to me. Now I'm 17 counting crows is still my favorite band, I've seen you twice since then and you are a real rock star. Such a fun performer. Have a wonderful birthday! Lots of love, from MN!!!!!!
  • aao4_Happy fucking birthday Dan ;)
  • cannizrHe's the coolest guy on the planet. It was such a pleasure to meet him. So chilled! Happy Birthday Dan :)
  • milieu44Happy birthday! I'm never disappointed in your shows, obviously, and am always amazed by your magic fingers.
  • mia90711He is amazing. 😍
  • wendywoo012😍😍😍😍😍💜💜💜💜😘😘😘😘
  • mrsannakinFucking cool as fuck 😎
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