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  • cshelz220Now why did Karrueche just allow BET to send her off like this??? #TheShadeWasReal #BET #BlueIvy #Beyonce #JayZ #106&Park #KarruecheTran

  • fabiennemariee_Lol shes so dumb how would you think ppl would laugh at that EVERYONE loves queeb b @mike_aye @biancales
  • fabiennemariee_Lol iknow everybody is thinking it but thats so mean shes just a baby who honestly cares she barely has hair yet @biancales @mike_aye
  • tbspeezy93@veronnilizette
  • _shay21@_tianajb @tweetiepie08
  • _shay21@_tianajb @tweetiepie08
  • biancalesYeah I heard about that @mike_aye
  • tweetiepie08@_shay21 @_tianajb she can't even blame the TelePrompTer clearly she can read n see it was offensive joke
  • kkwwaammee@demantistclaire
  • demantistclaire@kkwwaammee l8
  • kkwwaammee@demantistclaire no am not am xplaining to you my rant in ur inbox and even if am late its cos I don't do BET and def didn't know what kerruchi was.
  • bakarivy@brandywithani @justlikesharon
  • phlygerlGood! I'm glad this happened! Now maybe the Black community can stop putting these "mixed chicks" on a pedestal and exalting them over non-mixed Black women/people. This origins and history of this issue has really done a number on Black folk. I happy to see the backlash - even if it was only motivated by the very real shade thrown at the baby of their fave. I hope they thoroughly drag her ass and make an example out of her!
  • phlygerlTwo comments I've read that sum me up on Kaopectate Gate: 1) "Now on to this bytch here. I ain’t apart of the hive. But I’m apart of the African natural hair coalition. DONT YOU EVER in your life ride with some shyt like that EVER AGAIN. Whoever wrote the skit to begin with is a BYTCH. That was far from funny. Coming for a child? And someone’s hair?! Bytch what you got? Everything you own is from that crackhead you call yourself riding for. Bytch get it, and fast. And don’t you EVER come for some beautiful natural hair ever again. Ole sucky sucky five dolla ass. Go sell some twat. That’s what ya good for anyways. Bytch." - - - - - 2) "On topic Kaopectate knew what she was doing. Thought it was going to be funny. It wasn’t. Folks boo’d and so she tried to change it up. But she laughed at first. So….you thought it was cute. Even tried to act it out. Go ahead and play the victim again. It is what you do.
  • kelles_datruthI said the same thing!
  • anaizyanow i know you have bad hair days look in the mirror when you do and say that to your self.
  • anaizyathat just blew me
  • prettygirl_oThis is the girl Chris brown been taking about @followchelz
  • followchelzLol Yea @prettygirl_o
  • cfazydazy1958That asian b she thank black people like her lil ho ass depot that thot chrisbrown loves riri bitch
  • cfazydazy1958That lil half breeded thot chrisbrown. loves riri
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