Routine, return, pho in store. #farmar #vegan #groceries
  • jdfunksRoutine, return, pho in store. #farmar #vegan #groceries

  • jdfunks{prunes, basil, mint, baby bok choi, beets, pickles, parsley, yellow hot peppers, jalapeños, tomatoes, potatoes, long beans, garlic & onions}
  • stellarcartographyThese are my favorite pictures in my feed! They always give me great ideas for dinner too!
  • parnissiaYes! My fave part of my Sunday feed too 😍
  • gingerpopezthose fingerlings will probably be mind-blowingly creaming. Jealous.
  • gingerpopezCute onions and long beans.
  • jdfunks@stellarcartography @parnissia you kids are so nice! I really appreciate these nice words (and farmers markets!) 💕
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