my favorite dude ever #jesse #myfriendsplace #mtvvmas2014
  • mileycyrusmy favorite dude ever #jesse #myfriendsplace #mtvvmas2014

  • calexxandreTe amo
  • lexy_nicole22_and if you wernt so nosey like you are you would acutuly and yess i spelled that wrong you would no that homeless means you dont have thing like a phone ok so thank you for opening you big mouth thank you bye @meghandougherty
  • lexy_nicole22_why were home less its not that hard to find a job and your me childish ask them tattoos you have if those arnt childish 😂 @meghandougherty
  • lexy_nicole22_calling
  • fatal_rachelHomeless means you're without a home @alexuscarreon it doesn't mean you can't have a phone.... Do you think a homeless person can afford a grand a month for rent? Probably not but I bet they can hustle for 40 bucks for a cricket phone.
  • lexy_nicole22_Well instead of having a phone they can save all the money they would be spending on a phone and get an a apartment tey dont necacerly have to live in a house @fatal_rachel
  • lexy_nicole22_They
  • fatal_rachelUmmm apartments in San Diego are still about a grand... if they're lucky they can rent a room for 500 but that's still a lot of money for a person without means! What's with you hating homeless people for having phones? @alexuscarreon
  • lexy_nicole22_Lol i didnt think i said i am hating on homeless people having phones and they dont have to live in san diego they could live in other places too @fatal_rachel
  • fatal_rachelBut there's homeless people in San Diego too, where the cost of living is very expensive. How do you expect them to scrimp n save for months to afford 1 month of rent on a room or apartment? A 40 dollar monthly phone bill is much more within means. I mean think about it, 40 bucks to keep in touch with friends and family that can help you out every now and then and a phone to get calls if you're trying to find a job and still afford to eat or hundreds of dollars on rent for a place with no food in it? You're so adamant that homeless people don't deserve cell phones makes me think you hate them...... @alexuscarreon
  • lexy_nicole22_Well i dont hate them i was just saying my opinión and the other girl just came talking to me all rude like really and then you told me that and i mean there is no reason to argue if you say its cheaper to have a phone then to live in a house then fine your right i mean you are just saying what you think just like i am @fatal_rachel
  • _nihmouraThe best VMA ❤️
  • tuffdjembeLol got damn my boy jesse!!
  • lady_clemintine@mileycyrus I hope u know that ur my inspiration and that VMA was the most values to me and I started tearing up because I love you and even though you probably won't read this I just want you to know how much you mean to me and you give me hope I love you so frickin much have a good day😘😘😘
  • andigoldbergerr😘😘😘
  • badgalkeferaThe Best VMA
  • idctonyyHeart of gold I love you soooo much Miley so glad you're hosting this years VMAS (-:
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  • ueguiSaudades dessas fotos
  • yurilandtv❤❤❤❤❤❤
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