it's saturday nxggaz!
  • bobit's saturday nxggaz!

  • viniciuszkingCome to Brazil man
  • viniciuszkingRio
  • viniciuszkingRigth ? Riooo
  • osoarrogant_domoSo you are bashing your own people for standing up and voicing there opinion in #Ferguson smh. If a black cop killed a white teenager we wouldn't even be having this discussion. Its sad that these wannabe celebrities forget where they come from. Like Kanye said #newslaves #Antwonmyass #uncletom
  • adaoboboLikes..Lb
  • am_chuck@keish_ae adorable lol
  • brady14grayHell yeah you killed IU
  • miked55@2muchash
  • southern_beauty81Hope u got me something 😊
  • bob@osoarrogant_domo we are the same brother. why must we black ppl he divided by our opinions. we will never have the same opinion but we can still live amongst each other in respect... but we don't want that. we want to leave clever remarks and cliche hashtags... it's all luv bruh
  • bob*cues choir* we shall over come ... lol @ my speech
  • osoarrogant_domo@bobatl yu jus anotha celebrity in ah trap
  • demijane123@bobatl I think your an amazing guy. I love your music :)
  • bananalesueurI woulda snatched you right on up out that mall, look at them silly girls walking round lettin u shop freely, Smh fools lmao
  • denys_goonerB.o.b your my favorite artist people at my school always say you suck when I tell everyone your my favorite artist but it don't matter I love your music and hopefully you can come to Washington D.C to the verizon center so I can see you live good luck and keep doing what your doing @bobatl
  • weezydior👀😘
  • mzbmixIM TELLIN U!!! If I woulda been there, I woulda been posin in that pic, then takin one of my own! Lol
  • shviondvrxdYou are so fineeee
  • bobby_bandzzBobby ray I love u so much! U da best man I know errything bout u dawg, ur my biggest inspiration ever
  • rockguy57B.O.B i thought you knew god was watching when you were in lecrae's song "Round Of Aplause" what happened know you start saying cause words go in prayer and repent now
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